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Complete Financial Independence

Why WealthBuilders

“An asset is something you own that is not you. It puts money into your bank account while you are asleep,and you can pass that money on to the people you care about or good causes. It does not end because you are not there.”

Your Future

We believe everybody has the right to be financially independent. Independent from the need to rely on an employer. Independent from decisions made by the State. Independent from the need to delegate the management of your money to anyone less committed than you are to your own success.

We want you to feel financially bullet-proof. Safe from interest rate rises. Safe from Stock Market crashes. Safe from the challenges that life throws at you.

When life threw a challenge at our Founder, Kevin Whelan, he changed his life with a decision. At age 46, Kevin's father died of a heart-attack. Realising that the same could happen to him, Kevin took stock. He was certain that trading time-for-money wouldn't give him the financial independence he needed for him and his future family. He knew he could not save his way to wealth. So he decided to build wealth through creating asset-income.

Kevin hasn’t done this alone. He’s achieved the results he wanted through building a wealth of connections. As the pioneer, this took him a long time. Now, the whole process can be faster and easier for you. How? You can connect with the rapidly growing community Kevin has created. By collaborating with other community members, you can build wealth together.

Kevin found his "Why", connected with the right people, and took action. He began to create wealth-by-design, not by accident. Now it could be your turn.

Would you like to be part of a community of like-minded people on a similar journey, a community that will accelerate your progress to building wealth-by-design? With us, you can have a sense of connection - of identity with a common purpose. You can source all the education and the support you'll need, as you build strong relationships and discover the best steps to take. And you can keep the wealth you create circulating and growing within the community. Nothing needs to be lost.

Sadly 95% of the population aren't going to achieve their financial ambitions. Choose to be a WealthBuilder, and learn the strategies you can follow step-by step to build a new, more certain financial future.

Do you want to be part of the 5%?

Who we are

"By invitation only" - A Community of like-minded people

WealthBuilders is an 'invitation only' Community of like-minded people who make the following commitments:

  • to take responsibility for creating financial independence
  • to act with integrity in all aspects of life
  • to invest time in building lasting relationships
  • to share insights and education
  • to help all those on a similar path
  • to support the growth of the community
  • to pass on an outstanding legacy

And, as a result of living these values, to enjoy the journey.

We all sign "The New Declaration of Financial Independence™" that states these values.

These values support but don't create the results we seek for our members. To achieve these, we work from a common blueprint for creating financial independence, designed by Kevin Whelan. The blueprint directs the application of the scientific process of building wealth.

Declaration of independence

What we do

“WealthBuilding is an easily learned science because there are only seven assets that contribute to the process.”

Applying the Science of WealthBuilding

WealthBuilding flows from adding more asset-streams and improving the Return-on-Investment (ROI) on each one. Using an architectural metaphor, we call these asset-streams "Pillars". It's simple: the more pillars you have generating cash flow for you, the more certain your financial future becomes.

The blueprint for building wealth-by-design comes from the system Kevin Whelan used to create his own financial independence. He's the proof it works, and it's a process you can follow too. There are only seven pillars, and there are seven ways to improve your ROI on each. That's at least 49 ways to accelerate your progress.

You can gain even more momentum through every connection you make that becomes active collaboration. We'll show you how to make great connections - engaging with our growing community.

Good science benefits from accurate instruments and techniques. Your route needs to be planned, charted, and progress measured. Our unique WealthMapping™ approach will reveal the gap between where you are now and where you want to be financially. You can then map out the step-by-step process of how to make measurable progress month-on-month.

How we do it

Connect, educate, take action, and gain support in the community

The reason that 95% won't achieve their financial ambitions is that they don't know how and they don't know why.

Your reason "Why" can become the catalyst to get the whole process started. We want to understand your "Why" because you won't be part of the 5% unless you've got a strong enough motivation. We believe that everyone has a strong enough "Why" and that we can help you connect with this deeply.

With many paths to choose, understanding the step-by-step process of moving forward can be confusing. Without help, the choice can be overwhelming. With our years of experience of working with the best educators and strategic thinkers in all areas of wealth development, we can connect you to the right people.

Our community is structured to give you support in a number of ways. You'll be assigned a BridgeBuilder who will help you build the connections to those educators who have successfully trod the path before you. Learning from their success, you can take action to test the strategies yourself in a safe and supportive environment.

Alongside the support you'll get from your BridgeBuilder, we've also set up a WealthBuddy system. Your WealthBuddy is a fellow WealthBuilder who has interests in the same wealth pillars as you but may have a different perspective. Where time is always the scarcest resource, you and your WealthBuddy get leverage from each other's time and shared experiences.

The community grows wealthier collectively as a result of connection, education and supported action, which is why we're called, "WealthBuilders Together". Our interests are entirely aligned with yours. We want you to be successful.

Kevin Whelan' signature

“You'll never be wealthy unless you learn how to see, understand and create value.”

Home Equity

WealthBuilding begins at home

Historically, UK property has been a secure long-term investment. We can share with you a unique, seven-step strategy to show you how you can eliminate your mortgage and consumer debt quickly, and build up your equity as rapidly as possible.

Downsizing to secure an income in retirement is dangerous because low interest rates and tax will mean that the income generated from the cash released will rarely be enough.

The home you live in doesn't generate cash. It's a cost rather than a source of cash flow. We reveal ways to create cash flow and reclaim tax through the better use of the space within your property.

Sadly many thousands of homes are sold each year to pay for care costs. If you want to pass on your property to the next generation, we'll show you how to avoid the danger.


The greatest untapped source of cash flow?

Pension reforms have made it easier for you to take control and ownership of your own pension fund. Until these changes, you had little control either over how the fund was invested or over how you could take out your money on retirement.

Formerly, you had to delegate the task of growing your pension pot to Fund Managers and Advisors. The growth of the fund was dependent upon the performance of the Stock Market, over which you had no control.

Now it is possible to invest in other assets that give you much more control, such as Property, Business and Joint Ventures. These are assets that can offer a higher return and can offer diversification away from an over-reliance on Stock Market investments.

Having the control means you can improve the size of your pension pot and enable the expansion of your knowledge, connections and future wealth. One of the most important consequences of pension reforms is that you can now pass on the entire pension fund to people and causes you care about - if you know how. Previously, pension funds could die with you, the money going to the insurance company - with little provision for a spouse or children. We can show you how you can keep what you've built and pass it on, intact.


Build wealth irrespective of whether markets rise or fall

Holding cash for emergencies makes sense. But if you've got substantial amounts in the bank, you're bound to be frustrated by the low return on your investment. The banks don't share your frustration because they know how to lend out your money at profit.

Investing with institutions is faceless. There is no educational aspect, no relationship, and no sharing of values. They charge you whether you make money or lose money. Our community was formed to create wealth collaboratively through strong relationships with those who are aligned with your values.

The Stock Market is outside your control, so investing is often a case of delegating and hoping. Investments in the Stock Market are always at risk. Individual stocks can rise and fall, which is why investors diversify. However, diversification won't protect you from risks to the whole Market. History has demonstrated markets can fall all at the same time.

We believe you should invest in something you can control. If you choose to stay in the Stock Market, we can share a raft of strategies that you can use to minimise your risk. Alternatively, you can choose to redirect these investments into other assets such as Business, Property and Joint Ventures. With these assets you can build wealth irrespective of whether markets are rising or falling.

Property Portfolio

Adding value to your future

The demand for property outstrips supply, so this is a perfect pillar for building wealth. We have become a nation of Buy-to-Let investors. With interest rates set to rise, and changes to tax relief, many landlords will face trouble ahead. The key to successful property investment is to find ways to add more value than through simple Buy-to-Let purchase.

Building an HMO, title splitting, or converting commercial property to residential are examples of how you can create excellent profit from property. In the trusted environment of WealthBuilders, you can get all the education, access to proven suppliers and to mentors who will act as your guide.

As property is expensive to acquire we'll show you how to access all the funding you'll need through the community, way before you run out of ambition.


A paycheque for life

If you work for anyone else, you are not in control. You're not in control of your time, and you cannot choose who you work with. Unless you own shares in the business, you're creating wealth for someone else, not for yourself.

To be wealthy, you need to act like an entrepreneur - always seeking to add value. We believe WealthBuilding itself should be viewed as a business. The purpose of your "WealthBuilding Business" is to create so much value that you can write a different kind of paycheque - a paycheque for life to provide financial independence for you and your family.

We have a unique set of business-building processes that help you develop your thinking as an entrepreneur and to help you maximise the use of your time.

Intellectual Property

Create and keep the value from your ideas

If you're being paid for work that you do, you'll have Intellectual Property that you are undervaluing.

If you are an employee, you are remunerated for the Intellectual Property (your skills) plus your time. We will show you how to take back control of your IP and create wealth from it.

There has never been a better time to turn your expertise into income. The internet and digital publishing means that you can share your insights, inspiration, experience and expertise with the best audience for your message. We will give you the tools to help you find your market, and the skills to help you frame your offering so you'll be able to create and keep real value from your ideas, and stop giving it away.

Joint Ventures

Building trust, sharing values, creating wealth together

Building wealth on your own is a thing of the past. It is slow and without joy. Connecting and collaborating with people you resonate with and who have successfully walked the path ahead of you accelerates the creation of wealth and makes the journey truly enjoyable.

At the heart of the WealthBuilder community is trust. This trust begins by making sure every new member is introduced by an existing member. We also validate the financial good-standing and track-record of every member before they are accepted.

We share with you how to structure your Joint Ventures with other members. Using our unique WATERS™ formula, you can add value and create outcomes where everyone wins. We believe in keeping the value within our membership. You get wealthier by being part of the community, and the community gets wealthier by having you with us. It's a virtuous circle. Our values are always completely aligned with yours.

Joining the Community

Kevin Whelan

A message from our Founder, Kevin Whelan

I'm proud of our community. If there had been a community like "WealthBuilders Together" when I started my journey to financial independence, I am convinced my progress would have been more rapid and more enjoyable.

So, I hope you'll be right for us and that we'll be right for you.

As a member, you'll enjoy access to our exclusive community and its educational and support resources. Clear membership profiles make it simple to find the right kind of people for your next Joint Venture. As a member, your profile is only accessible to other members. Gone will be the time you needed to spend sifting through LinkedIn or seeking to find the right connection at a networking meeting.

The sooner you can begin building relationships with other members, the sooner you can accelerate your journey to financial independence.

If you’d like to begin the process of being elected as a member, you can fill in your details below.

Becoming a member is a straight-forward, three-step process summarised by three words: values, invitation and validation.

The values part is to make sure you are 100% in alignment with our values. These are stated on the Declaration. When you're ready to sign this, we will send you a personalised version. By signing the Declaration in the presence of a witness, ideally your sponsoring member, I consider this step completed.

Joining the community is by invitation only. Whilst membership is open to all, it is not suitable for everyone. I know that I can increase the wealth of anybody with the right mindset. For this reason, I ask that one of our members propose you as a suitable candidate. In a culture where it is increasingly the norm for peers to rate one another and for customers to rate their suppliers, I am encouraging a culture of recommending one another. When an existing member recommends you, it's a great endorsement and an essential part of how we are building a community of people we trust and choose to do business with.

The final step is validation. Being a WealthBuilder is not about your personality, but it is about your mindset and the actions that flow from this. WealthBuilders are entrepreneurial. As such, they make decisions, take control and commit to action. I occasionally meet people who prefer to procrastinate, abdicate responsibility, or are pursuing a level of perfection that paralyses their effectiveness. I really can't help people like that until they want to change. To begin validation, one of our BridgeBuilders will have an informal chat with you to find out your "Why" and what's driving you to build wealth. Then, to strengthen trust, we'll carry out financial due diligence so that we can demonstrate your suitability to other members.

I look forward to welcoming you into membership if that is right for you and right for the community. You can be certain of my personal commitment to you: to make you wealthier.

Kevin Whelan' signature
Kevin Whelan, Founder

Membership options


We believe everyone has the right to become wealthy. For this reason there is a special category of membership for those who are interested in WealthBuilding but who are not ready for full-membership or its benefits. Associate members still share our values, and are required to sign the Declaration but do not have access to the community's resources.

One Supplier

Every community needs trusted suppliers of services that support pillar development. From insurance experts to architects, tradespeople to accountants, there's a place in the community for those who want to add value through service.

Two Foundation

Foundation members are at the beginning of their journey, looking for the solid principles on which to build their wealth. Hugely motivated, they can bring time, skill and money to the community. Hungry to learn, they make great Joint Venture partners.

Three Investor

Investor members are those with a pension-fund or cash to invest in exchange for higher ROIs. They are actively seeking Joint Venture partners within the community.

Four Property

Property members have a proven track-record in generating high returns through property refurbishment, conversion and development. They are often seeking connection with suppliers and JV partners within the community.

Five Business

We attract business owners with an entrepreneurial mindset, looking to expand the number of pillars they are using to build wealth and improve their ROI in all their enterprises.

Six BridgeBuilder

Our community BridgeBuilders are our ambassadors. They actively seek to make connections between community members and to attract suitable new members. Many present our key-note messages at network meetings.

Seven WealthMentor

An education in building wealth is essential. As such, we seek experts who are invited to become WealthMentors, offering specialist input to the success of the community. We attract experts on tax, insurance, accountancy, technology, pensions, investments, law, property development, entrepreneurialism, networking, social media, marketing, branding, intellectual property, protection, and planning.

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"Never let a month go by without building your assets."

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